Mary Soan

An assistant director on many international feature films including Welcome to Sarajevo, Before the Rain, Kama Sutra, Madness of King George, Mansfield Park, Narnia, Pearl Harbor and Bridget Jones Diary, Mary is also a founder member of FilmAid International and sits on the Advisory Committee of FilmAid US and on the Board of FilmAid International UK.

“Working with FilmAid I have had the privilege to witness first hand the incredible healing power of shared storytelling through personal film-making amongst the youth in the refugee camps of Eastern Africa.

BYkids will give voice to the incredible resilience of children and young people to overcome adversity against all odds. By ensuring this voice is heard through the dissemination of these films throughout the developed world, BYkids will help raise awareness of the responsibility we all share in ensuring that new generations are given support for a safe and secure childhood not just in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or tragedy but for the long term future. What a privilege.”