Directed by Semon Shabaev (Germany)


Nineteen-year-old Semon Shabaev is part of a thriving Jewish community in Berlin, Germany. Despite his country’s dark history, Shabaev embraces his religious and cultural heritage.

As the last generation of Holocaust survivors fades, a new wave of Jews, including Shabaev’s family, has emigrated to the country that attempted to eradicate them. Shabaev interviews community leaders, friends, and rabbis, observes a remembrance service, and facilitates a cross-cultural workshop, as he examines German-Jewish identity.

Mentored by filmmaker Anja Baron, Shabaev shines a light on resurgent Jewish life in Germany at a time of rising worldwide antisemitism.


“I hope to help people understand the history of Jews in Germany, its impact on the present generation, and the danger of rising antisemitism.”
– Semon Shabaev


“BYkids empowers youth in lasting ways while creating an invaluable platform for the global issues of a future generation. The viewer is afforded a rare glimpse into often-marginalized existences and given an opportunity to see important issues in a new light. Shining such a light on one story often shines a light on the greater whole. The results are genuinely powerful and empowering all at once.”
– Anja Baron