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BYkids currently has 17 completed films. With the help of expert mentors, kids around the world tell their own stories, in their own words, through documentary film. Come see the world through their eyes.



3 days ago331 0

Directed by Keith Griffith III (USA)

Mental Health / Eco Entrepreneurship

Another World is Possible

Another World Is Possible

4 days ago281 0

Directed by Helena Marschall (Germany)

Climate Activism

Return Date: Unknown

Return Date: Unknown

4 days ago431 0

Directed Tymur Tsapliienko (Ukraine)

Ukrainian War / Fossil Fuel Dependence

Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life

4 days ago381 0

Directed by Diya Payal (India)

Regenerative Farming



2 years ago61961 0

Directed by Semon Shabaev (Germany)


Faiths World

Faith’s World

2 years ago69961 0

Directed by Faith Guilbault (USA)


Against the Current

Against the Current

2 years ago82991 0

Directed by Daunnette Moniz-Reyome (USA)

Indigenous People

Buddhism, Bhutan and Me

Buddhism, Bhutan and Me

2 years ago50781 0

Directed by Rinzin Jurmey (Bhutan)


I Could Tell You 'Bout My Life

I Could Tell You ‘Bout My Life

5 years ago162521 0

Directed by Michael Martin (USA)

Juvenile Justice

Walk on My Own

Walk on My Own

5 years ago128761 0

Directed by Ndèye Fatou Fall (Senegal)

Child Marriage

Out of Aleppo

5 years ago103791 0

Directed by Mohammad Shasho (Syria)

Refugee Crisis

My Beautiful Nicaragua

7 years ago182621 0

Directed by Edelsin Linette Mendez (Nicaragua)

Climate Change

Poet Against Prejudice

11 years ago222221 0

Directed by Faiza Almontaser (USA)

Muslims in post/9-11 America

Displaced But Not Defeated

12 years ago593371 0

Directed by María Ceballos Paz (Colombia)

Displaced Populations

Fire In Our Hearts

13 years ago1598511 0

Directed by Jayshree Janu Kharpade (India)

Educating Girls in Developing World

My Country Is Tibet

16 years ago483781 0

Namgyal Wangchuk Trichen Lhagyari (Tibet)

China and Tibet Historical Relations

Home Is Where You Find It

17 years ago169431 0

Directed by Alcides Soares (Mozambique)

AIDS / Orphans