Four New Films are in Production for Season Four

All four new films are in production, each with a climate crisis angle made by a teen filmmaker:

  • Tymur Tsapliienko, 17, a Ukrainian refugee, pushes to raise awareness of how the Russian invasion of Ukraine and dependence on fossil fuels are related.
  • Helena Marschall, 20, leads Germany’s environmental youth movement.
  • Diya Payal, 14, advocates for sustainable farming in India.
  • Keith Griffith,15, a Kentucky beekeeper, builds community connections.

Tymur’s Director’s Statement:  “The process of making this movie was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. The chance to tell my own story as well as the story of my nation, Ukraine, to others proved itself incredible. Working alongside my mentor Rom Barnea broadened my vision on filmmaking and storytelling, leaving amazing emotions and days to remember.”

Tymur escaped his home in Ukraine when the Russian army invaded and helps us understand the human cost of dependence on fossil fuel.

BYkids Joins Aspen Ideas Festival

Holly Carter proudly represented BYkids at the 2022 Aspen Ideas Festival for invigorating conversations about the issues that shape our lives spanning politics, business, science, the arts and education. From a moving tribute to the late Secretary Madeleine Albright by Hillary Rodham Clinton, to David Brooks (New York Times columnist) talking about empathy, to David Rubenstein (Carlyle Group) teaching us how to invest, it was four days packed with inspiration for future films and new friends.

BYkids to Keynote at the UNC World View Conference

Calling all North Carolina teachers to join BYkids at the UNC World View’s K-12 Global Education Symposium 2022 on Thursday, October 13 at 11:45 am for “Transforming Learning with a Senegalese Girl’s Story,
BYkids: Real-world films for kids, by kids

Global Education Symposium: Re-imagining Teaching and Learning for a Better World, is a full day event will explore pressing global issues impacting our world and address how educators can provide the tools and strategies to develop agency in students. 

BYkids is screening WALK ON MY OWN, a short documentary made by a Senegalese teen who was not forced into child marriage, and Holly Carter is discussing the transformative power of film’s made by kids around the world and how BYkids films and education material can help build crucial skills for students.


BYkids Associate Board Powers Up This Fall

BYkids is thrilled to welcome the unique and fresh faces behind the Associate Board! From Kenya to New York, these young professionals are BYkids ambassadors and help promote our goals through events and fundraising. Kicking off with a strong start this fall, the board raised over $1K with a birthday fundraiser to support upcoming filming. 

Please welcome the three co-chairs Jake Hart (LA), Olivia Levenson (NYC) and Hannah Rosenwein (LA) and Noelle Durkin, Ben Goodfriend, Khaddija Jobe, Qetsiyah Lynch, Alex Mabred, Arianna Mastro, Isabel Sheinman and Hannah Wolloch.

BYkids to Curate a Film Series at Opportunity Collaboration 2022

BYkids is honored to curate three nights of powerful documentaries by filmmakers making work on their own terms in their home communities to honor cultural knowledge, elevate awareness and drive substantive social change.

Partnering with FilmAid and Nia Tero, we are presenting “Film Series: Empowering Global Voices for Social Change” at Opportunity Collaboration 2022, the summit of global leaders dedicated to building sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice. 

BYkids is screening and discussing AGAINST THE CURRENT. In her film, Native American teen activist Daunnette Moniz-Reyome shares her family’s journey to retain the sacred rituals and values of their culture in the wake of centuries of loss from disease, war and government policies. 

BYkids Sweeping the Festival Circuit

So much exciting news!

BUDDHISM, BHUTAN AND ME won the One to Watch Award at the Asian American Film Festival.

AGAINST THE CURRENT has been selected for the Portland Film Festival (Oct. 12-23).

L’CHAIM AND I COULD TELL YOU ‘BOUT MY LIFE have been selected for the International Youth Film Festival in Atlanta at the Social Justice Symposium at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights on October 27. 

The trailers of WALK ON MY OWN and I COULD TELL YOU ‘BOUT MY LIFE have been chosen for the My Hero Film Festival in LA (Nov. 19).

FAITH’S WORLD has been selected for the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (Nov. 4-20) and is showing at MoMA as part of the UN Association Film Festival on Sept. 21.

And, FAITH’S WORLD, FIRE IN OUR HEARTS and I COULD TELL YOU ‘BOUT MY LIFE are touring with the Science Film Festival to Bangladesh, India, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Mali, Pakistan, Singapore and Vietnam from Oct. 1 to Dec. 20.

“BUDDHISM, BHUTAN AND ME” Selected for the Asian American International Film Festival in New York

BUDDHISM, BHUTAN AND ME is selected for the Asian American International Film Festival (aaiff45) taking place from August 3rd – 13th at the Asia Society in NYC.

Since 1978, Asian CineVision (ACV) has presented the annual Asian American International Film Festival, the first and longest film festival of its kind in the U.S. to showcase cinema by, for, and about Asian Pacific Americans. ACV is a non-profit media arts organization dedicated to producing, promoting and preserving Asian and Asian American media expressions by artists of Asian descent; to ensure that the full spectrum of Asian and Asian American media works reach diverse audiences in Asian American communities and beyond.

Summer Partnership with Youth Documentary Academy

We are excited to announce that BYkids is partnering with the Youth Documentary Academy in Colorado Springs this summer. Holly Carter has been working as an Artist in Residence at the Academy, sharing BYkids films and teaching teens as they create their own films.

Thanks to Tom Shepard, the staff of YDA, and these 12 inspiring and brave kids.

“OUT OF ALEPPO” Screening and Fundraiser

We were thrilled to share our award-winning film, OUT OF ALEPPO, and experience the magic of the robust and personal conversation that our film inspired at an event hosted at Jim Brasher (BYkids Board member) and Jon Ambrose’s magnificent home in Sagaponack, NY.

The poignant reflections from the teens who were moved by Mo’s story of leaving Syria and settling in Germany gave us a taste of the profound conversations that BYkids films inspire in the classroom. Teachers use our films to guide meaningful discussions on how kids can help solve problems, find their own voice, and use storytelling to humanize global issues.

Our films, core-curriculum aligned School Guides, and Take Action Guides are invaluable resources for educators. BYkids films reach 83 million households through the PBS broadcast, 1.6 million teachers through PBS LearningMedia, and 4.5 million teachers and 45 million students through Discovery Education.

Funds raised will help produce four new films about environmental justice, climate activism, renewable energy and food security; to create professional development tools for teachers to generate an action agenda; and to hire administrative staff to achieve these objectives and increase impact.

BYkids A Presenting Partner with the Human Rights Watch Film Festival

BYkids is excited to announce this collaboration with the Human Rights Film Festival. What an honor to have presented this past May.