Directed by María Ceballos Paz (Colombia)

Displaced Populations

María Ceballos Paz, a 16-year-old Colombian girl, has been living in displacement for the past nine years as a result of Colombia’s civil war. Decades of fighting between the army, paramilitary, guerrilla groups and drug cartels has forced approximately 4 million Colombians from their homes, creating the largest internally displaced population in the world.

After her father was killed by guerrillas, María and her family fled their farm. Now living in the slums of Cali, María shows us her family, friends and community as they rebuild their lives.

María directed, filmed and narrated this award-winning documentary that puts a human face on the statistics of displacement. Her story is like those of millions of people facing similar upheaval, not only in Colombia, but in other war-torn countries around the world.

Susan Hoenig is María’s BYkids Film Mentor. Among Hollywood’s top TV producers, Susan has produced shows for Discovery, National Geographic, Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS. She received an Emmy nomination for Undercover Boss.

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