Director’s Statement

Lhagyari Trichen Namgyal Wangchuk

I, Lhagyari Trichen Namgyal Wangchuk feel honoured and privileged as an individual and as a Tibetan to receive this opportunity to share my story with the world. This story is about a Tibetan teenager born in exile who heard about his historic and magnificent motherland from his parents and school. The story demonstrates a sense of dislocation and exile of this youngster, a loss of place that causes his generation to repeatedly search for their root either through oral or written history. The only factor that differentiates this youngster with his fellow Tibetan is his identity as the descendant of the great dharma kings of this nation. It is about this boy who is carrying the load of the expectations of his leader, His Holiness The Dalai Lama and loved one’s and who expected to mature before time. Despite the recognition and his determination to perform his duty as the holder of the throne, he feels a void and helplessness due to absence of any authority. He’s living a very simple life like any other boy of his age in school with no special privilege or care, who does his daily chores like his friends and seen his parents working for living and fulfilling their needs like any parents. I believe what distinguishes him is his contradictory life from fairy-tale kings enjoying a lavish and affluent life. This is my story, story of the king of Tibet.

To bring this story forward to the audience, the experience was splendid and definitely memorable. My first impulsive response to this offer was very casual and filled with excitement as any teenager would be. But it gradually transformed into a serious matter, I felt that such door doesn’t open to anybody so when I get it I should be utilizing it in the best possible means. I discussed with my sister Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar, friends and Dirk Simon who was my guide during the process; and everyone came with good suggestions. I would like to thank every one of them and particularly ByKids for providing me such an opportunity and adding this memorable experience in my life.

Every step that a person takes he learns something new and valuable; and this event directed me towards a new knowledge. When Dirk Simon came to my school with the set of video cameras, I was in grade ten and in India it is the first crucial national exam leading us towards our future. The environment during that year especially when the exam was around was very stressful on the students and taking my attention away from the book to give a thought about the movie was very refreshing for me and all my friends. The interactions with fresh people and new places throughout the process familiarized me with their thoughts and customs, something which wasn’t possible to discover inside school books or the small Tibetan society.

I thank all of you. May peace prevail on earth. May happiness surrounds every living being and may good overrule evil. God bless!!

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