Working to help parents home-school their children during the global pandemic, I COULD TELL YOU ‘BOUT MY LIFE and MY BEAUTIFUL NICARAGUA broadcast on the WLIW World Channel.

In I COULD TELL YOU ‘BOUT MY LIFE, Mike Martin tell his story and reflects on his incarceratation on Rikers Island and the affect it had on his life. Mike’s mentors were Chiemi Karasawa (award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder of Isotope Films) and Hollis Meminger (a Presidential Leadership Scholar and prolific cinematographer with television credits including The Blacklist, Narcos and Younger).

In MY BEAUTIFUL NICARAGUA, 12-year-old Edelsin Mendez and her family in Nicaragua show us how coffee is a way of life. But climate change and shifting weather patterns are contributing to a crop disease and threatening coffee production in her community. Mentored by filmmaker Joyce Chopra, Edelsin conveys how her community is striving to maintain its traditions and livelihood, while forging a sustainable future.