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Resources for the film “Return Date: Unknown”


Tymur Tsapliienko, 17, a Ukrainian refugee, helps us to begin to understand the impact of Russia’s invasion on Ukraine’s exiles as well as what led to this crisis. His film documents a reverse journey, from Germany through Poland, as Tymur travels to meet his father, who was injured in a Russian bombardment while reporting for a Ukrainian news channel and whom he hasn’t seen in months. Along the way, he interviews other teenage refugees. Each conversation helps him understand the conflict and his own feelings toward it. Through Tymur’s eyes we glimpse displays of human solidarity and even hope for a chance at a new life.


Tymur Tsapliienko communicates with his family, his peers, his interview subjects and his audience as a form of therapy as he copes with the loss of his homeland, and with his worries over the safety of his family and friends in Ukraine. You can become an ally by learning more about the war in Ukraine. Visit the sites below to get started.

The Council on Foreign Relations’ Center for Preventive Action

Tracks and helps to provide information about conflicts worldwide


USA for UNHCR published an informative article about the war in Ukraine, available here:

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch monitors actions and abuse against activists, including those protesting the Russia-Ukraine War

RAND on the war in Ukraine

RAND is a research organization that proposes policy solutions to challenging situations worldwide, including the war in Ukraine


Tymur and his peers channel their feelings of hurt, fear and loss into creating change: finding ways to get involved, take a stand and make a difference. You can make a difference, too. Click on the sites below to lend a hand and participate.

UNHCR Young Champions

UNHCR Young Champions are youth ages 15–25 who are supporters and refugees to help people who have fled war and persecution.

Students United for Ukraine

A U.S. student-led charity that supports Ukrainians seeking refuge from the war


Tutorpeers is an online student volunteer community helping displaced Ukrainian children to adapt and learn languages wherever they are.


HIAS is an international organization that provides services to refugees and asylum seekers around the world so they can rebuild their lives. HIAS helped found Right to Protection (R2P), a Ukrainian NGO that provides aid to displaced people in Ukraine.

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