The Forward’s PJ Grisar published a feature on the BYkids film L’CHAIM as two generations of Germans look to the past and future of the countries Jews. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Creative News announced that Final Cut has collaborated on all three seasons of the Films BYkids series for public television alongside Significant Others, Final Cut’s sister company, which completed the finishing for all three seasons. Stephanie Apt, founder of Final Cut and board member of BYkids adds: “I am passionate in my belief that film gives voice to issues that we need to confront. The films in season 3 lend fresh, deeply empathetic perspectives to some of the most pressing issues faced by humanity around the globe. Final Cut is proud to help cultivate the talents of the next generation of storytellers.” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

BYkids Founder and Executive Director is interviewed for WNET UP NEXT. LISTEN HERE

“Nothing stops 17-year-old filmmaker, model and activist, Faith Guilbault – not cerebral palsy, epilepsy or cortical vision impairment.” Meet Faith on An Apple a Day podcast. LISTEN HERE

Our partners at HundrED wrote this wonderful piece. “Films BYkids gives voice to young people and uses film as a tool for global understanding,” says Sandra Sheppard, executive producer for THIRTEEN and director of WNET’s Kids’ Media and Education. “We are delighted to provide resources that can help educators foster cross-cultural awareness and empathy in their students.” “Virtual learning provides an opportunity to evolve education — by bringing the world to kids – wherever they are, in classrooms and homes,” said Holly Carter, founder and executive director of BYkids, a nonprofit,  which uses documentaries made by kids to support social-emotional learning. “Film is the perfect medium for 21st century learning. It is intimate, authentic and captivating.” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE