Four New Films are in Production for Season Four

All four new films are in production, each with a climate crisis angle made by a teen filmmaker:

  • Tymur Tsapliienko, 17, a Ukrainian refugee, pushes to raise awareness of how the Russian invasion of Ukraine and dependence on fossil fuels are related.
  • Helena Marschall, 20, leads Germany’s environmental youth movement.
  • Diya Payal, 14, advocates for sustainable farming in India.
  • Keith Griffith,15, a Kentucky beekeeper, builds community connections.

Tymur’s Director’s Statement:  “The process of making this movie was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. The chance to tell my own story as well as the story of my nation, Ukraine, to others proved itself incredible. Working alongside my mentor Rom Barnea broadened my vision on filmmaking and storytelling, leaving amazing emotions and days to remember.”

Tymur escaped his home in Ukraine when the Russian army invaded and helps us understand the human cost of dependence on fossil fuel.