BYkids Education Evolution

Last night we came together in a virtual classroom, much like kids and teachers are doing all over the world. We joined in conversation to celebrate the silver lining of this global pandemic – an opportunity to advance education with our young filmmakers, educators and partners.

We raised an incredible $74,000 with thanks to YOU. And we don’t want to stop here. Our goal is $100,000.

BYkids creates understanding through storytelling. Our films share the stories of kids who confront immigration, bullying, juvenile justice and climate change. Our filmmakers are young men and women who share their personal stories on camera – with authenticity and courage. We pair their films with teaching materials to spark conversation and action.

We see an opportunity for a long-overdue educational evolution. The evolution of education will come not from putting a textbook on a tablet. The evolution comes from using the intimacy and authenticity of film, and its ability to make foreign issues familiar and actionable, to engage kids in active and empathetic learning that helps them grow into informed citizens.

Your support means we can distribute Films BYkids and our teaching materials free on public television and that issues of human dignity and social justice will reach 246 million students and educators through our partnerships with PBS LearningMedia, Discovery Education and PenPal Schools.

And especially right now, your support will help us finish four new films illuminating resurgent Jewish life in Germany at a time of rising anti-Semitism worldwide, the effects of globalism in Bhutan, living with physical disability and retaining Native American culture in the wake of centuries of loss from disease, war and government policies.

Please help us bring Films BYkids to kids in classrooms—real and virtual—all over the world. No donation is too small or too big!

Alcides Soares, now 30, directed Home Is Where You Find It at age 16


Faiza Almontaser, now 27, directed Poet Against Prejudice at age 17


Daunnette Moniz-Reyome, now 18, directed Against the Current at age 17


Mohammad Shasho, now 21, directed Out of Aleppo at age 17