Category: Board Members

Melanie Grisanti, Treasurer

Melanie is a production executive for kids’ media in NYC. She currently oversees production of Sesame Workshop’s award-winning creative content, including Sesame Street, Esme and Roy, and two new series that will launch on Apple’s streaming service. Prior to joining Sesame, she served as VP of Production for National Geographic Kids Entertainment and produced acclaimed animated series for Cartoon Pizza/Jumbo Pictures, including Stanley (Playhouse Disney) and Doug (original Nickelodeon and Disney).

Holly Carter

Holly began her career as a writer and editor at The New York Times and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Since then she lived in Korea as a Henry Luce scholar and print and television journalist; produced the award-winning documentary, Margaret Sanger; co-founded North Carolina’s Full Frame Festival; served as a consultant for The After-School Corporation; produced the PBS series Media Matters; and most recently was the Executive Director of The Global Film Initiative.

Jim Brasher

James M. Brasher

Jim is a chief strategist, development and communications officer with major clients including The Carter Center, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) at Georgetown University and the Global Fund for Children. Jim is the Founding Director of Global Philanthropists Circle with Peggy Dulany and David Rockefeller. In addition to the BYkids Board, he serves as a trustee of Future Generations University, Madoo Conservancy and LongHouse Reserve. He lives in Sagaponack, NY.

Stephanie Apt

Stephanie Apt

Stephanie launched Final Cut edit in the U.S. in 2001 after working in ad agencies as a director of production. Final Cut has grown into a full spectrum post-production company with offices in NY, LA, London and Chicago. Stephanie has been involved with films from “Other People” to “Do you Dream in Color” to “Moonlight”. She is passionate in her belief that film gives voice to issues that we need to confront. Stephanie is a life-long New Yorker, and proud of it!

Hilary Adams

Hilary Adams

Hilary earned a degree in urban planning from NYU and worked in the Manhattan Office of the New York City Planning Commission. She then worked as an advertising copywriter, on Wall Street as a writer/producer of print and video marketing materials and as a manager of corporate philanthropy. Hilary spent a number of years as a producer of corporate/industrial and documentary films at Mediaworks, Inc. (producers of the Academy Award nominated My Architect).

Sammy Chadwick

Samantha (Sammy) Chadwick, Chair

Sammy came to New York after working in the UK Fashion industry, and in Brand Management for Nike, in Asia. Whilst pursuing Photography and Film studies in NYC, she embarked on a misson for philanthropic causes involving children. Sammy is currently the Board Chair at Spence-Chapin Adoption Agency, and on the board of Fabretto Childrens Foundation in Nicaragua. Sammy has produced a couple of films, including “My Beautiful Nicaragua”, in collaboration with Fabretto and BYkids.