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Resources for the film “Another World is Possible”


Climate activist Helena Marschall, 20, takes us into a youth-led movement in Germany to get political leaders to act. And some of them are listening. At a fragile time, when inaction seems to bring us closer to an irreversible climate catastrophe, young people are mobilizing to reverse global warming. ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE follows the work of Helena, who leaves no doubt that urgent action is imperative. But she also offers hope and a roadmap to impactful activism.


Helena Marschall and her peers feel helpless when they see the indifference of leaders both in Germany and worldwide when it comes to climate change. A huge part of their response to this dilemma is in their commitment to learning—and educating others—about climate justice. You can contribute to this effort, too! Visit the sites below to learn more.

Oxford Scholastica

Oxford Scholastica offers advice on mitigating climate change.

The UN Foundation Climate Change Blog

The UN Foundation Climate Change Blog includes information on climate, energy and the environment.

UC Center for Climate Justice

UC Center for Climate Justice teaches about the causes of climate change and addresses social, racial and environmental injustices through their “Six Pillars of Climate Justice.”

The Nature Conservancy’s Climate Change FAQs

Information from scientists about solving climate change.


Helena’s message is one of action. Her organization isn’t just about informing themselves and others—it’s about getting involved, moving the needle on policies and individual choices, and working toward a shared solution to climate change. Here are some organizations where you can get involved, too.

Fridays For Future

FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE, or FFF, is a youth-led international climate strike organization that started in 2018 with 15-year-old Greta Thunberg’s school strike for climate change.

Sunrise Movement

Sunrise Movement is a U.S.-based student-led organization of young people fighting to address the climate crisis and win a green new deal.

Students for Climate Action

Students for Climate Action is a nonpolitical climate action committee that mobilizes students to engage with elected officials to support climate policies and renewable energy initiatives by education, public acts of engagement, and community involvement.

Our Climate Youth

Our Climate Youth trains young people to advocate for science-based, equitable and intersectional climate justice policies.

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