BYkids to Keynote at the UNC World View Conference

Calling all North Carolina teachers to join BYkids at the UNC World View’s K-12 Global Education Symposium 2022 on Thursday, October 13 at 11:45 am for “Transforming Learning with a Senegalese Girl’s Story,
BYkids: Real-world films for kids, by kids

Global Education Symposium: Re-imagining Teaching and Learning for a Better World, is a full day event will explore pressing global issues impacting our world and address how educators can provide the tools and strategies to develop agency in students. 

BYkids is screening WALK ON MY OWN, a short documentary made by a Senegalese teen who was not forced into child marriage, and Holly Carter is discussing the transformative power of film’s made by kids around the world and how BYkids films and education material can help build crucial skills for students.