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Storytelling through film to inform and inspire action.

BYkids provides kids around the world with the training and the video cameras to make short documentaries about their lives. Renowned filmmakers mentor these young people in the art of filmmaking.

This is the result.



Our films will air nationally as FILMS BYKIDS, a new five-part documentary series narrated by Ashely Judd. Begins Tuesday, January 19, 2016 via the APT Exchange.

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Our Films


Poet Against Prejudice

5 years ago9191 0

United States

Faiza Almontaser, a 17-year-old from New York City, immigrated with her family to the US from Yemen when she was in middle school, and she faced vicious bullying because of her Islamic identity. Mentored by the legendary pioneer of direct cinema, Albert Maysles, Faiza shows us her courageous and inspiring journey from victim to activist.


Displaced But Not Defeated

6 years ago5611 0


María Ceballos Paz, a 16-year-old girl, is one of the estimated four million Colombians driven from their homes by decades of civil war. Now living in the slums of Cali, she intimately brings us into her world. Through her lens and mentored by Hollywood television producer, Susan Hoenig, María puts a human face on the cost of civil war and the drug trade.


Fire In Our Hearts

7 years ago5361 0


India native, Jayshree Janu Kharpade (age 16) illuminates the immense social and economic potential of educating girls in the developing world. Jayshree’s film mentor is the renowned Joyce Chopra, a pioneer of documentary cinema.


My Country Is Tibet

10 years ago5341 0


The 17-year-old exiled King of Tibet tells his rare, personal and timely story. Namgyal Wangchuk Trichen Lhagyari is the only living descendent of the first Dharma King of Tibet (617-698 AD). Namgyal Wangchuk represents his long lineage after being coronated a Tibetan King by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. He struggles to retain their traditional culture in the face of persecution.


Home Is Where You Find It

11 years ago5041 0


Two film luminaries help 16-year-old, Alcides Soares, make a short film about his life as an AIDS orphan in Maputo, Mozambique. One of the 500,000 Mozambican kids who lost both parents to AIDS, Alcides’s documentary about finding family is both intimate and inspiring.

“Kids are genuine reporters…They tell it as they see it.”

The New York Times, Aug. 27, 2014

“BYkids films are a great way to discuss current issues and engage my students in different cultures.”
– Teacher, High School Global Literature, Texas

“… I think kids understand by media. A video is just like a bow on a gift, it tops off whatever we learned and gives us more information”
– 4th Grader, Vaughan Elementary, Michigan